Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to stem the Matthew Effect in education

How to stem the Matthew Effect in education is a piece I wrote about a presentation given by Dr Luis Crouch at the Integrated Education Programme (IEP) conference (in February).

The “Matthew Effect” (a term coined by Keith Stanovich, a psychologist who has done extensive research on reading) denotes processes whereby inequality is created or maintained. In literacy terms, learners at the end of grade one who can read well begin a pattern of outperforming those learners who cannot read well. With time, the gap widens. Learners who score poorly in literacy from the beginning will go on to fall behind in all other subject areas. The same applies to numeracy.

Dr Crouch shared his thoughts on how to stem this trend in education.

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chrihern@gmail.com said...

it is good to find other people interested in the Matthew Effect: is a reality in education.
In Universities occur the same , people with good skills receive all opportunities. Other people don't receive any opportunity. The worst thing is the high correlation between economic status and academic skills. We have a efficient mechanism to increase economic inequality